“…a beautifully sad reflection on the displacement of native gods in ‘Of Amaranth and Honey’…” Read more…

— Stone Telling

“…’The Sun God Bids Farewell To His Lover’…is one of my favorites in this issue…frank and personal…powerful…” Read more…

— The Fix

“….excellent…’Gretel’ [is] reminiscent of Angela Carter’s feminist work in fairy tales…” Read more…

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“The story has a beautifully evoked Arabic feel…I could almost feel the sand and smell the spices in this world.” Read more…

— Joanna Fay, author of Daughter of Hope

“The action and revenge have you intrigued throughout…keeping you turning the pages…the author weaves such a mystically beautiful tale that you are left wanting more.” Read more…

— The Cover (and Everything in Between)

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“This story draws the reader in immediately…in the opening few lines of this tale, Marsheila Rockwell has insured that the reader is hooked.” Read more…

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Legacy of Wolves
Legacy of Wolves (Eberron: Inquisitives, #3)

reviews: 5

ratings: 61 (avg rating 3.82)

The Shard Axe
The Shard Axe

reviews: 8

ratings: 36 (avg rating 3.75)

Shaala, Made of Stone
Shaala, Made of Stone (Tales of Sand and Sorcery #1)

reviews: 4

ratings: 9 (avg rating 4.11)

The Jade and Honey Harlot
The Jade and Honey Harlot (Tales of Sand and Sorcery #2)

reviews: 2

ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.20)


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