6/30/21 – poem “Cylindropuntia Spatium” published in June/July issue of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.

6/15/21 – story “Applesauce” published on Enchanted Conversation website.

6/12/21 – sold poem “A Spell for Winning Your Personal Injury Lawsuit” to Dreams & Nightmares.

6/7/21interviewed by Two Gay Geeks.

6/5/21 – story “Stepping Stones” released in Renegade Legions anthology, Voices of Veruna.

5/8/21 – sold story “Applesauce” to Enchanted Conversation.

5/6/21 – sold poem “Damsel in Distress Redux,” to Star*Line.

4/21/21 – sold poem “Cylindropuntia Spatium,” to Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.

4/18/21 – sold story “It Will Have Blood, They Say” to Sliced Up Press for Bodies Full of Burning anthology.

4/18/21 – sold story “Stepping Stones” to Budgie Smuggler Games for upcoming Renegade Legions anthology.

4/12/21 – sold poem “Reservation Fairy Tales 101 – Final Exam” to Augur Magazine.

3/23/21 – poem “Child Bride” (reprint) published in Spring 2021 issue of Last Girls Club.

3/13/21 – story “A Prisoner Freed in Oz” published in IAMTW’s Turning the Tied charity anthology.

3/1/21 – sold story (w/Jeffrey J. Mariotte) “Deep Into That Darkness Peering” to Cosmic Horror Monthly.

3/1/21 – interviewed at Ben Rome’s blog.

2/28/21 – sold poem “The Bones On Which They Cut Their Teeth” to Lonely Cryptid Media for Resist with Every Inch and Every Breath anthology.

2/19/21 – article on Ozma and the Ojibwe published on Jennifer Brozek’s Tell Me blog.

2/17/21 – poem “Caged” nominated for 2021 Rhysling Award.

2/17/21 – interviewed at Janine’s Ghost Stories.

2/16/21 – sold poem “Child Bride” to Last Girls Club.

2/1/21 – Women of Horror Vol. 3 – The One That Got Away hits #1 in Horror Anthologies for both ebook and print versions.

2/1/21 – story “The Recliner” (reprint) published in Women of Horror Vol. 3 – The One That Got Away from Kandisha Press.

1/8/21 – interviewed at Paula C. Readman’s Tearoom Clubhouse Chat.

1/1/21 – poem “Swim Test” published in Winter 2021 issue of Star*Line.

12/17/20 – sold poem “Caged” to American Diversity Report; poem “Caged” published at ADR.

12/2/20 – sold story “The Recliner” (reprint) to Women of Horror Vol. 3 – The One That Got Away from Kandisha Press.

11/17/20 – sold poem “Survivor’s Guilt” to Space & Time.

11/13/20 – 11/15/20guest at TusCon 47cancelled.

11/6/20 – 11/8/20guest at Tucson Comic-Concancelled.

10/24/20 – poem “…And on the Seventh Day” (reprint) published in Oct 2020 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.

9/9/20 – sold poems “Triple Moons” and “Once Upon a Starbucks” to Scifaikuest.

9/7/20 – sold poem “Swim Test” to Star* Line.

9/1/20 – sold poem “…And on the Seventh Day” (reprint) to Spaceports & Spidersilk.


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