“Letting Go the Ghosts”

OCCUPIED EARTH is a groundbreaking anthology that explores the idea of what the world would look like years after its conquest. 20 years after a successful invasion by the Makh-Ra, humanity still exists, only they have become subservient to a new race of occupiers who now govern the devastated planet. But, as much as things continue with some sense of normalcy, something has happened in the Mahk-Ra’s Empire. Earth, once considered a strategic beachhead of major importance to the Empire, has been downgraded in its value. Things are starting to degrade. Our planet is the last place any self-respecting Mahk-Ra officer wants to be assigned. Yet, despite everything, life continues. These stories bring us face to face with annihilation — and show how we can pull ourselves back from the brink.

Occupied Earth Ebook Complete Publisher: Polis Books
Release Date: October 13, 2015
ISBN-10: 1940610524
ISBN-13 978-1940610528
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OCCUPIED EARTH is coming. Stay safe. Stay strong. Survive at all costs.


Richard Brewer and Gary Phillips – Hunter X: Parts 1-3
Rachel Howzell Hall and David W. Hall – Do No Harm
Adam L. Korenman – Pike Street Pick-Up
Lisa Morton – Union Day
Rob Hart – How the Game is Played
Cliff Allen – Strange Alliance
Matthew V. Clemens – Hope
Howard V. Hendrix – Location, Location, Location
Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey J. Mariotte – Letting Go the Ghosts
R. M. Johnson – A Day in the Life
Craig Faustus Buck – Second Coming
Jessica Kaye – The Devil You Know
Nathan Walpow – Johnny and the Warehouse Women
Adam Lance Garcia – Traitor

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