Created in conjunction with the latest update for the Dungeons & Dragons Online game, this exciting adventure continues the story of Sabira from The Shard Axe, featuring an underground expedition in dark caverns, drow intrigue, powerful artifacts, and unrequited love.

Skein of Shadows_Cover Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: July 3, 2012
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“…The Empire Strikes Back of Eberron…starts with a bang and ends with a nuclear explosion…Marsheila shows that she has the chops to compete with the best fantasy authors out there.”

— Stefan’s Bookshelf

“…Marsheila totally pulls you in from the first few pages…handles the narrative with far more deftness than many other fantasy authors I’ve read…out there with the top leagues…”

— The Founding Fields

“…a well-written tale that sets readers down into the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online and pulls them into a story of a competent yet caring heroine who does what has to be done, regardless of the cost.”

— Brutal Gamer

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