12/16/22 – announced Marvel Zombies: The Hunger novel (out in August 2023).

12/11/22 – poem “Soiled Dove” released in Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine.

12/8/22 – Interviewed on Graymalkin Lane podcast.

11/12/22 – poem “Reservation Fairy Tales 101 – Final Exam” won a Rhysling Award in the Long Form Category.

10/28/22 – poem “Final Arrangements” released in Bloodless anthology.

10/25/22Sisters of Sorcery reviewed in Midwest Book Review.

10/5/22 – Graymalkin Lane podcast panel about mind control/sexual assault in comics released.

10/3/22 – Interviewed on Dear Watchers podcast.

9/27/22Marvel Untold: Sisters of Sorcery released.

9/12/22 – first TTRPG adventure released; “The Case of the Great Underwater Panther” from Coyote & Crow.

9/8/22 – interviewed as part of Gwendolyn Kiste’s Pro-Choice Horror Roundtable.

9/8/22 – signed contract for Super Sekrit Projekt.

9/2/22 – 9/4/22 – guest at Tucson Comic-Con.

8/24/22 – Author Spotlight on The Book Network.

8/5/22 – poem “Final Arrangements” sold to Sliced Up Press’s Bloodless anthology.

6/27/22 – poem “The Bullfrog and the Black Dog” published on HWA website as part of their Mental Health Initiative.

6/21/22 – story “Blue Hair” published in Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology.

6/20/22 – story “Stepping Stones” nominated for IAMTW’s Scribe Award.

6/15/22 – story “Deep Into That Darkness Peering” published in Cosmic Horror Monthly #24.

5/31/22 – poem “Damsel in Distress, Redux” nominated for SFPA’s Dwarf Stars Award.

5/28/22 – poem “The Bullfrog and the Black Dog” sold to HWA’s Of Horror and Hope anthology.

5/1/22 – poem “The Bones On Which They Cut Their Teeth” published in Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath anthology.

4/30/22 – poem “The Honorable Iris C. Thaumantos, Presiding” published in Musing of the Muses anthology.

4/24/22 – story “A Single Feather” published in Black Cat Weekly #34.

4/13/22 – interviewed on Speculative Sandbox podcast.

4/9/22 – poem “EMDR” published in Unnerving Magazine.

4/6/22 – sold story “A Single Feather” (updated reprint collaboration w/Jeffrey J. Mariotte) to Black Cat Weekly.

3/31/22 – announced Marvel Untold: Sisters of Sorcery novel (out in September 2022).

3/12/22 – 3/13/22 – table at Tucson Festival of Books.

2/24/22 – sold poem “EMDR” to Unnerving Magazine.

2/19/22 – poem “Erasing Myself from the Narrative” nominated for the 2022 Rhysling Award.

2/1/22 – poem “Reservation Fairy Tales 101 – Final Exam” nominated for the 2022 Rhysling Award.

1/17/22 – sold story, “Blue Hair” to Diet Riot: Fatterpunk anthology.

1/1/22 – poem “A Spell for Winning Your Personal Injury Lawsuit” published in Dreams & Nightmares.


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