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Shaalaraharrah was once the favored daughter of a sultan, trained in the art of martial dance. Then (the stories claim), she disobeyed her father and was transformed into a fountain as punishment, doomed to stand alone in his gardens forever, weeping for her folly. In truth, she has become simply Shaala, a warrior wandering the desert in search of a way to lift her curse–one that turned her not into literal stone, but which made her both impervious to pain and incapable of experiencing pleasure.

As she wanders, righting wrongs for others even as she seeks a way to right them for herself, she meets Kij, a mysterious daughter of the forest who labors under a curse of her own. Together, the two women confront all manner of desert dangers–from deadly heat and fearsome creatures out of legend, to oppressive patriarchy and even their own natures–in a quest for freedom, justice, and if fortune smiles upon them, perhaps even love.

Sand-and-Sorcery-Cover.jpg Publisher: Musa Publishing
Release Date: March 1, 2013
Sold Out

Includes the following stories:

  • Shaala, Made of Stone
  • The Jade and Honey Harlot
  • Both
  • Shaala and the Sea of Dried Tears
  • Unmade
  • Shaala and the Tiger’s Daughter
  • Shaala and the Harlot Queen of Sumarkesh

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