Sentinel Marshal Sabira d’Deneith has spent the last eight years trying to drown the memories of the mission that cost her partner his life and gave her the nickname “The Shard Axe.” Until she’s recalled from the city of Stormreach to carry out a mission on House Deneith’s behalf–protect and defend the heir of the dwarven city of Frostmantle during his murder trial. The same heir she and her partner guarded eight years ago in the same city–from the same style of murders. Is the dreaded Nightshard still alive and taunting her? Or is there another serial killer loose in the Mror Holds?

ShardAxe_Cover Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: Sept 6, 2011
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“This is a book to be devoured in one sitting…5 stars for an amazing story and incredible character development.”

— Stefan’s Bookshelf

“…the action is quick, brutal…a wonderful job painting believable characters in mythical situations that are just magical enough to still be grounded in some sort of realism.” Read more…

— MMO Fallout

“…a solid novel that blends fantasy and noir together well…Sabira is a wonderful character I’d like to see more of.” Read more…

— Grasping for the Wind

“Sabira is a great female protagonist…she is a complex woman [who] proves she can hold her own with her enchanted axe…”

— Kameron Franklin, author of Maiden of Pain

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