“We are all forged in the fires of our past.”

Grisly murders shake the small city of Aruldusk. Both the Church and the Crown send in agents to investigate. But when the body count continues to rise, these rival factions will have to learn to work together to track down the killers — even if it means hunting a killer in the highest reaches of power.

finalcover Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: May 15, 2012
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“Rockwell’s biggest strength is her characters…each one is interesting in their own way so that when they all come together we get a band of protagonists we love to follow.” Read more…

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“…a well-crafted story that…stands head and shoulders above the other installments in the Inquisitives series.”

— Mania.com

“…the kind of prose that one can read and look up and realize an hour has blazed by…the pacing was almost flawless for this type of story…a solid debut novel.”

— The Beezer Review

“…romantic tension…littered with awesome fight scenes…by far the most satisfying Eberron [mystery] that I have read…” Read more…

— Erica Naone, assistant editor of Technology Review

“…well plotted, and the characters are clear…my favorite [Eberron book]…highly recommend…” Read more…

— Erin Hartshorn, author and owner of The Well-Chosen Word

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